Monday, April 18, 2011

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ChocoMare for RodentiaNet–

 As wings strengthen, 4 owlets have now ventured out to dine al Fresco at the Owl-Roof Inn & Porch. Menu offerings included 20 assorted gophers, voles & rats!
ChocoMare for RNN Fledge Watch:  Mattie took her first flyabout at 5:48am, while Dundee, Joey & Bindi worked on their roof pouncing, flappercize and Peg Perching techniques. All 6 back home.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Update for 4/17/11:

Joey flew all the way over to the palm tree, then climbed to the very top - 20 mins later flew to the ground, climbed a eucalyptus tree, then flew 30 feet to the box roof

Rooftop Diner 4/16 - Video by DandiLion

 LOVE the music!!

Joey went where? by Suzzee

From Violet - here is the whole nights adventures :

Joey at the Palmz!

As of today 4/17/11:

Matilda 60 days; Dundee 58; Bindi 57; Joey 55; Barbie 52; Dinky 51– Average fledge starts between 55-65 days of age. Usual 1st flight @65 to 75 days. Adult Owl @Day 80.

Last night's excitement:

10 treats: shredding on porch and roof of treats; 4 step out & Joey took first flight at 11:59 PDT, & Joey was the last owlet in at 6:00 AM PDT

VioletMoon's "From Egg to Today"

EmmieJan's Flickr Photos 4-17-11

Lady Laura's Flickr Photos 4-17-11

Bindi ventures to the Roof 4-16-11 - Video by DandiLion

Joey Jaunts to the Palmz 4-17-11 - Video by DandiLion

Barn Owl Trust

Lots of info on barn owls: